"Once you got best people, the people who shared our values and ideals, we left them to act on their own. We don't fetter them. We encourage them & give them opportunity for leadership". - JRD Tata

We focus on right exposure and freedom at work, unmatched leadership with care and the opportunity to grow help us to unleash the full potential of our employees. TPNODL believes in Perform to Perfection with enriched value system, learning experiences and work ethics. An environment that supports enhancing of technical, managerial and behavioural skills of our employees at TPNODL, coupled with their mentoring & varied exposure within & outside work and empowerment to take decisions help develop them for future leadership positions.

We have a culture of fair, transparent and clear people policies which promote diversity and equality. Company offers extra ordinary opportunities to develop personality mix with diverse cultures and learning from the leaders.

In our journey of excellence, we always encourage our employees to strive for continuous improvement and to excel in everything we do. Our openness to seek feedback from different group of stakeholders and culture of challenging the status-quo help us bring transformation through stake holder involvement and innovative solutions.

While our employees put in their best efforts at work to improve reliability power, enhance customer services and implement innovative technologies for an efficient and effective service delivery to our consumers as well as to reach the ambitious growth plans of the organisation, we are mindful for ensuring quality of life at TPNODL for our employees, their family members and also other relevant stake holders. Policies have been put in place to support this objective and also to create an all-inclusive, vibrant and highly engaged environment in the organization. Initiatives under this not only help bringing the entire TPNODL family together but also developing internal talents in the areas of sports & culture and creating a joyous work place for all of us.

@Work at TPNODL, the endeavour is always to ensure quality careers not jobs.