What is PM KUSUM (C) Scheme:

PM-KUSUM-C is a scheme of the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Government of India aimed at solarizing existing grid connected agriculture pumps. Under this component, farmers with grid-connected pumps can double their pump capacity in KW by installing solar PV. Further, grid connected pumps used by Water Users Associations (WUA) , Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) , Primary Agricultural Credit Societies (PACS) or cluster irrigation systems for solarization of pumps that have a capacity exceeding 7.5 HP, taking into account the capacity of each individual within a group up to 5 HP.

Install Solar Power Plant today and ensure “Day-Time Reliable Power" for your Irrigation needs & earn through “ Sale Surplus Power “ to TPNODL:

Run your Grid Connected agricultural Pump up to (7.5 HP capacity) by Solar Energy :-

  • Avail up to 60% Subsidy from Govt. & up to 30% Loan from Bank
  • Pay 10% of the cost & be the owner for lifetime
  • Be the owner and generate your own income

Eligibility of Beneficiary:

Under this component, farmers with grid-connected agriculture pumps up to 7.5 HP will be supported with solar pumps. Water User Associations (WUA)/ Farmer Producer Organizations (FPO)/ Primary Agriculture Credit Societies (PACS) or for cluster based irrigation system, the CFA will be allowed for solarization of pump capacity higher than 7.5 HP considering up to 5 HP capacity for each individual in the group.

Why you install an Install Solar Power Pumps (with Net-metering arrangement):-

  • Ensure Day Time Reliable Power and sale of surplus power to TPNODL
  • Subsidized System Cost – Pay Less for More
  • Generate Electricity with the sunshine
  • Enjoy Hassel free ownership
  • Assured Operation and Maintenance of Pump

At the below, please link the attached documents for ready reference :-