Constitution of the Ethics Management Team of TPNODL

In an effort towards excellence in Management of Business Ethics at TP Northern Odisha Distribution Limited, the Ethics Management Apex Team (EMAT) is hereby constituted and Locational Ethics Counsellors (LECs) are declared as part of the Ethics Management structure of TPNODL as appended here under. The three level Ethics Management structure will be as below.

  • Ethics Management Apex Team
  • Locational Ethics Counsellors
  • Ethics Champions

The main objective of the Ethics Apex team is to frame policies and guidelines to improve the work environment. The EMAT will be supported by LECs and Ethics Champions (ECs).

The LEC's will have the following prime responsibilities:

  • Record, address and allay the issues and concern on ethics raised by different stakeholders like employees, consumers, vendors, contractors, BA employees etc. by initiating immediate corrective action.
  • Ensure proper communication of the ethics policies and guidelines through prominent displays at all offices of TPNODL.
  • Ensure proper framework of policies as preventive measures against any ethics violation recorded by them.
  • Prepare and submit MIS of all issues and concerns, corrective and preventive actions on monthly basis to the EMAT for their information and further necessary action, if needed.
  • LECs should have a monthly review meeting with the ECs and should also arrange for bi-monthly meeting with EMAT.
  • All members of TPNODL are requested to note the names and addresses of the ECs/ LECs in their respective area and also communicate to all concerned stakeholders in order to register any grievance on ethics violation henceforth.

Certain information relating to “Raising a Concern� is also appended here under. Further, a copy of Company's Whistle-blower Policy & Vigil Mechanism is also given below for reference of all concerned.

Download TPNODL Whistle Blower Policy

Ethics Management Apex Team (EMAT) of TPNODL

Sr. No. Name Designation Location
1 Mr. Bhaskar Sarkar Principal Ethics Officer Corporate Office, Janugunj, Remuna Golai, Balasore
2 Mr. Siladitya Sengupta Chief Ethics Counsellor and Member Secretary - EMAT Corporate Office, Janugunj, Remuna Golai, Balasore
3 Mr. Sriballav Singh Member Corporate Office, Janugunj, Remuna Golai, Balasore
4 Mr. Dushyant Tyagi Member Corporate Office, Janugunj, Remuna Golai, Balasore
5 Mr. Sunil Bhatter Member Corporate Office, Janugunj, Remuna Golai, Balasore
6 Mr. Pratap Ku Mohanty Member Corporate Office, Janugunj, Remuna Golai, Balasore
7 Mr. Sudeep Mishra Member Electrical Circle, Balasore
8 Mr. Srikant Padhi Member Electrical Circle, Bhadrak
9 Mr. Ananta Narayan Bisoi Member Electrical Circle, Jaipur
10 Mr. Harish Ch Panda Member Electrical Circle, Baripada
11 Mr. Rashmikanta Behera Member Electrical Circle, Keonjhar
12 Mrs. Malancha Ghose Member Corporate Office, Janugunj, Remuna Golai, Balasore

Locational Ethics Counsellor (s)

Sr. No. Name Location (s) Covered
1 Mr. Sanjeeb Sahoo Corporate Office, Balasore
2 Mr. Ramesh Koul ComCenEx, Balasore
3 Mr. Sachin Mohan Rawool OpCenEx, Balasore
4 Mr. Pradeep Ku Jena EC Balasore, BED Balasore & Associated other offices
5 Ms. Gayatri Satpathy CED Balasore & Associated other offices
6 Mr. Biswaranjan Rout BTED Basta & Associated other offices
7 Mr. Anil Patra JED Jaleswar & Associated other offices
8 Mr. Ashok Mallik SED Soro & Associated other offices
9 Mr. Bijay Mohanty BSED Bhadrak & Associated other offices
10 Mr. Guru Narayan Khatua EC Bhadrak, BNED Bhadrak & Associated other offices
11 Mr. Sudipta Kumar Biswal JTED Jaipur Town & Associated other offices
12 Mr. Tapan Ku Behera EC Jajpur, JRED Jaipur Road & Associated other offices
13 Mr. Alok Das KED Kuakhia & Associated other offices
14 Mr. Manoj Kumar Dash EC Baripada, BED Baripada & Associated other offices
15 Mr. Chinmaya Behera RED Rairangpur & Associated other offices
16 Mr. Sanjay Kumar Das UED Udala & Associated other offices
17 Mr. Laxmi Narayan Satpathy EC Keonjhar, KED Keonjhar & Associated other offices
18 Mr. Chitta Ranjan Mistry AED Anandpur & Associated other offices
19 Mr. Sahadev Nayak JED Joda & Associated other offices
20 Mr. Dinesh Satpathy Electrical Store Division & Associated other offices

Raising a Concern

TPNODL encourages its employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to raise concerns or make Disclosures when they become aware of any actual or potential violation of our Code, policies or law. TPNODL also encourages reporting of any event (actual or potential) of misconduct that is not reflective of Company's values and principles. Avenues available for raising concerns or queries or reporting cases could include:

  • Immediate line manager or the Human Resources department of our Company.
  • Designated ethics officials of our Company
  • The 'confidential reporting' third party ethics helpline (if available)
  • Any other reporting channel set out in our company's 'Whistle-blower' policy

We do not tolerate any form of retaliation against anyone reporting legitimate concerns. Anyone involved in targeting such a person will be subject to disciplinary action. If you suspect that you or someone you know has been subjected o retaliation for raising a concern or for reporting a case, we encourage you to promptly contact your line manager, the Company's Ethics Counsellor, the Human Resources department, the CEO or the office of the Principal Ethics Officer.

Answer to possible Dilemmas:

Q: My supervisor has asked me to do something which I believe may be illegal. I am afraid if I do not do what I am told, I could lose my job. Should I do it?

Ans: No. Breaking the law is never an option. Discuss the situation with your supervisor to be certain that you both understand the facts. If your concerns are not resolved, contact a higher level supervisor, the Ethics Counsellor, the Legal department or report them via the Company's confidential reporting system, if available.

Q: I feel that my supervisor is treating me unfairly for reporting a concern to the Ethics Counsellor. What should I do?

Ans: Retaliation against anyone who raises a concern is a violation of the Code. You should therefore promptly report this action of your supervisor to the Ethics Counsellor or the CEO of your Company or via the Company's confidential reporting system, if available.