Occupational Health & Sanitation


TPNODL has worked towards providing health and sanitation benefits to the communities in the Company locations across Odisha. TPNODL has also alongside introduced various safety guidelines for its employees at work as well to ensure their health safety. Amongst the many health and sanitation initiatives undertaken by the company, the Mobile Health Dispensary deserves mention for providing essential medicines and treatment to people in remote regions of Odisha.

Mobile Health Dispensary (MHD)

Beneficiaries: 900+ people in tribal region of Mayurbhanj district in Odisha

The Mobile Health Dispensary was launched on 21st January 2022 to serve the rural and tribal regions of Mayurbhanj district in Odisha. Currently, an MBBS doctor, a pharmacist, and an ANM are engaged in the MHD. The MHD comes equipped with basic and necessary instruments and medicines required for treating common diseases like fever, cold, cough etc. It has served more than 900 beneficiaries since operation.

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